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·1976 Huqiu Photography Equipment Factory was founded in Suzhou
·1982  Developed and launched China’s first colour film processor
·1989  Launched China’s first short guide-belt processing colour negative film processor HQ-220P
·1990  Launched China’s first RA-4 chemistry colour paper processor HQ-500AZ
·1992  Became the exclusive distributor of the Japanese LPL enlargers, and commenced as the distributor of numerous internationally recognized brands such as Bowens studio flash(UK), Cambo camera(Netherland) ,Leaf digital back(Israel), Poli video cropping machine & Laserlab(Italy),Lightjet printer(Canada) and etc.
·1993  Initial involvement in medical industry
·1994  Launched the HQ series X-ray film processor
·1994  Launched the HQ-PF series graphic film processor
·1994  Changed our business name to Suzhou Huqiu Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd
·1997  Implemented the customized MIS system in production,finance and sales
·1998  Became the top selling brand in Chinese market for domestic medical X-ray film processor
·1999  Established sales and service offices in Bejing, Wuhan,Changchun, Chengdu, Lanzhou, Guangzhou and Suzhou
·2000  Became the top selling brand in China for medical x-ray film processor
·2002  Established joint venture to form Huqiu Imaging Technology(Suzhou) Co., Ltd
·2003  Certified with ISO9001:2000
·2003  HQ-350XT x-ray film processor became the first CE certified product
·2003  Moved to our new location on Jinfeng Road, Mudu District on 8th  November
·2004  Formally lunched the ERP system
·2004  Debut showcase of our PS plate processor in Drupa trade fair, Germany
·2005  Launched the mobile x-ray radiography system HQ-YDX2000 A/B (mobile C-arm) and high frequency x-ray radiography system HQ-XR50A
·2005  Certified with ISO13485: 2003
·2008  Became the exclusive distributor of iCRco(US) CR system in China
·2009  Received “First-Class Product” recognition by Jiangsu Province
·2010  Honoured with the title of Imaging Technology R&D Center of Digital Printing by Science and Technology Bureau of Suzhou
·2012  Launched the HQ series medical dry imager and dry films
·2014  Launched the first medical self-service terminal HQ550-Z