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HQ Series Medical Film Processor Installation Conditions

?          Must be installed in dark room, avoid any light leakage

?          Prepare high temperature development chemical wash kit & high temperature/general film in advance (dev/fix powder & low temperature film must not be used)

?          Dark room must be equipped with a tap (quick-opening faucet), sewer and 16A power outlet (for safer operation, a water valve is recommended, this tap must be used exclusively by the processor)

?          Make sure to do a test run with the X-ray and CT machine after installation for verification

?          If water quality is undesirable, installation of a water filter is strongly recommended

?          Air conditioning in the dark room is strongly recommended

Attention: Points 1, 2, 3, 4 are prerequisites for the installation of the processor in order for it to function properly.

iCRco CR System Installation Conditions

-       Prepare a tabletop for placing the CR host computer, workstation and processor (table width>0.6m, length>2m)

-       Make sure front end X-Ray machine is functional and is ready for test run

-       If the voltage is frequently unstable, precision purification AC regulated power supply is recommended

-       To print diagnostic reports, a separate desktop printer is required

-       The system is recommended to be placed in air conditioned room with clean surroundings