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HQ Series Film Processor Operating Conditions

?          Regulate fluid circulation and check current processing parameter every time after starting the device and after changing the fluid to make sure it meets the processing requirements.

?          Pay attention to the water flow regularly, water pressure must be kept between 1kg to 2kg, and must not exceed 2.5kg. Extra attention must be paid in regions with unstable water pressure. However, the use of still water is not recommended because there is a risk of contamination by microorganisms, that might result in deterioration of film quality and malfunction of machine.

?          Pay regular attention to the condition of the machine during operation, and make sure a personnel is always present to monitor the machine when it is turned on. Once an unusual odour or noise is detected, stop the machine immediately and investigate the problem, and contact our technical support if necessary.

?          When the machine is not in use for more than one week, fluid in the tank must be emptied, and the tank and shaft bracket must be cleaned.

?          Cut the power supply and shut the tap off when processing job is completed or 2 hours after standby mode, and open the machine's cover to release interior humidity.

?          It is strongly recommended to shut the machine off when not in use, as it helps to preserve battery life.

?          Practise regular cleaning and maintenance procedures, ideally according to our maintenance schedule.